3 Basic Tips For Getting The Most Use Out Of Moving Boxes During A Move

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3 Basic Tips For Getting The Most Use Out Of Moving Boxes During A Move

20 September 2016
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Moving is something that can be done with thorough planning or none at all. While both of them may get you to your new home, there are quite a few consequences that can come from poor planning. Damaged possessions while driving the moving truck, having to move out before finding a place to call home, and not being able to find somewhere to live that truly fits your wants and needs are some examples. Breaking items is most likely going to happen when you just gather everything up and throw it all into a moving truck. So, you should learn how to properly use moving boxes to avoid complications with the move.

Get Creative When Using Tape

You cannot use too much tape when it comes to securing all of your moving boxes. While you should always use tape on the top and bottom to prevent both sides from possibly weaseling open during the move, you will also want to adjust how much you use based on the overall weight of each box. The heavier the box, the more tape you should use for security reasons, but you should aim to make all boxes weigh the same. Boxes are typically closed by folding in two flaps on opposite sides and then following up with the other two. One way to increase the strength is by using double-sided tape in-between these layers.

Avoid Small and Large Boxes

Small boxes are nearly impossible to fill up so densely that they are difficult to carry. But, they are also not large enough to carry most of the things that you will need to put in them. Large boxes are ideal to use for body pillows, comforters, pillows, and other bulky or awkward-shaped items. But, their size can prevent you from putting much inside without becoming too difficult to carry. It is easy to exceed the strength of the box to a point in which the bottom may fall through and your items could get damaged.

The ideal box size is medium. These are the boxes that you should stock up on most and plan on putting most, if not all, of your belongings into. They give you the optimal balance of weight and size to allow for easy transportation and minimal risk of damage.

Create Boxes That Are Safe to Move

A medium box is great for moving, but you can still make crucial mistakes. Each box must be protected with soft layers using newspaper or even bubble wrap. This way, anything that you put inside will already be protected from colliding with other boxes, and you can add even more around fragile items. To make the process easier, keep the box on a shipping scale while you are putting items inside, and make sure it does not exceed the 50-pound mark as this is when a box becomes too heavy for safe moving. The key is to balance weight so that you do not have one box of stuffed animals and another one with all glass.

When you apply these tips before you start packing for your move, you can feel confident about your ability to move from one home to another without damaging any of your valuable possessions.