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A few years ago, I decided that I needed to stop trying to live in a home that I couldn't afford. I was tired of always trying to make the mortgage when I really couldn't afford it anymore. I decided that instead of ignoring the issue, I needed to put my home up for sale and focus on moving and storage. I found a great storage facility where I could stash things that wouldn't fit into my apartment, and I also worked with a great company that offered help with moving. It was amazing to be free of that financial burden. This blog is for anyone wondering about starting over.


5 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Moving Companies

10 February 2023
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If you are relocating soon, you might wonder if you should handle the move yourself or hire professional movers. You know that moving is hard work but may be reluctant to pay extra for moving services. You may have also heard various false accounts about moving companies. Here are a few myths that you should not believe about moving companies. Movers Will Not Be Careful with Your Belongings Your belongings mean a lot to you, so you want them to be safe during your move. Read More …