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Understanding The Moving Process

A few years ago, I decided that I needed to stop trying to live in a home that I couldn't afford. I was tired of always trying to make the mortgage when I really couldn't afford it anymore. I decided that instead of ignoring the issue, I needed to put my home up for sale and focus on moving and storage. I found a great storage facility where I could stash things that wouldn't fit into my apartment, and I also worked with a great company that offered help with moving. It was amazing to be free of that financial burden. This blog is for anyone wondering about starting over.


Organizing Storage Unit: 3 Tips To Easily Find What You’re Looking For

12 September 2016
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America relies on self storage facilities and units more heavily than any other country, with nearly 9% of Americans owning a self storage unit for personal storage purposes. Self storage units can really help remove clutter in your home and free up space; however, they can also get easily cluttered. You don't want to simply throw everything you own in the unit; otherwise, it'll be difficult to find what you're looking for. Read More …

7 Considerations For Moving A Piano

9 September 2016
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A piano is a worthwhile investment that must be protected when moving. Ideally, you should rely on professional movers to help move your musical instrument from one location to the next. However, if you are planning to move it yourself, it is important that you take precautions to protect the piano. Here are some tips to remember while preparing and moving the piano.  Lock and secure the piano. If the lid to the piano is not locked, the keys could inadvertently be damaged during the move. Read More …

A Couple Of Tips For Preparing Your Electronics For A Move

9 August 2016
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The process of moving into a new home can be challenging for anyone. There can be a tremendous number of steps that will need to be done to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. This can result in individuals making some critical oversights during this process, which can lead to damages occurring to some of the possessions. To help avoid this, you will want to keep the following couple of tips in mind when preparing your electronics for the move. Read More …

Strategies For Getting A Storage Unit Deal

6 April 2016
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Using self storage units can be a great way to hold onto items while you're in transition— even if they're not complete essentials, you may not wish to part with them just yet. But there's often a fine balance to putting the right things in storage and making a good financial decision. Here are some ways to get a good deal on your storage unit. Keep Items with Value, Ditch the Rest Read More …

How To Get Your House Thoroughly Organized

5 April 2016
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Are you extremely tired of never being able to find things? Perhaps you've had it with trying to keep a nice house, only to have your kids leave their things anywhere they want to drop them. If you've decided to make some major changes by getting your house thoroughly organized, you probably have a big job ahead of you. From getting family support to arranging for storage, here are some ideas that might help you. Read More …