Moving From An Upstairs Apartment: 3 Things You Can Do To Make Moving Day A Bit Easier

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Moving From An Upstairs Apartment: 3 Things You Can Do To Make Moving Day A Bit Easier

20 July 2022
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Moving can be a difficult, time-consuming, and physically intense task no matter where your original home is. However, this task can get even more complicated if you are moving out of an apartment on an upper floor. After all, if all of your belongings must be taken down several flights of stairs or crammed into an elevator before being packed into the moving truck, they'll be at greater risk of being damaged. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to help make moving day a bit easier.

#1: Hire Professional Apartment Movers

Attempting to carry all of your belongings down the stairs on your own can greatly increase the chances of your items getting damaged or you getting hurt. That is why it is so important that you always utilize the services of professional apartment movers when moving out of an upstairs apartment. The equipment and training that these movers have will ensure that all of your items are safely taken down the stairs without damage or injury.

#2: Take Apart Large Pieces of Furniture

Attempting to carry large pieces of furniture down flights of stairs can be a recipe for disaster. If you are hoping to avoid scratching your furniture and the stairway walls, take apart any larger items whenever possible. If you are not able to disassemble these items on your own, be sure to inform your moving company about each piece of large fully-assembled furniture when booking their services. This will allow them to schedule ample time and labor for your job, and they'll know to bring all of the tools necessary to properly disassemble or transport your items. 

#3: Clear a Path to the Truck

The last thing you want when carrying items down even a single flight of stairs is to end up falling because of debris or moisture left on the stairs. Before you even begin the moving process, make sure that there is a clear path from your doorway all the way to the moving truck. When clearing a path, remember that this path must be wide enough for the movers to pass through while carrying furniture and other large items. In order to ensure this path remains clear throughout the day, you may wish to place traffic cones on either side of your walking path and ask other residents to use an alternate entrance if possible. 

Call a moving company if you need to move your belongings out of an apartment building. You can also go to website services pages for local moving companies to get an idea of what services each moving company offers.