Strategies For Getting A Storage Unit Deal

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Strategies For Getting A Storage Unit Deal

6 April 2016
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Using self storage units can be a great way to hold onto items while you're in transition— even if they're not complete essentials, you may not wish to part with them just yet. But there's often a fine balance to putting the right things in storage and making a good financial decision. Here are some ways to get a good deal on your storage unit.

Keep Items with Value, Ditch the Rest

The first thing to do when choosing a self storage unit is to whittle down your possessions to as little as possible. It will take some time and effort to do triage— your possessions may not be completely worthless, but are they worth paying a premium for storage space? By having as little as possible to store, you can save money on choosing a bigger space.

There are a few ways that you can get value out of your items without completely giving them away, too. Price everything on an auction site to see if you can make a bit of extra cash. For clothing, try to look for a consignment shop. You can sometimes donate your items in exchange for a tax deduction as well.

Share a Unit

If you have been able to narrow down your possessions wisely, you may also find that the storage plans are too big. If you are looking at a space that's too big, don't fret— you may be able to turn this into profit. Post a classified ad to see if anyone else wants to share part of a storage space, thereby halving your costs.

Look for Promotions

Another savvy tip for storage shoppers is to do your research to find discounts. Some self storage units offer discounts to beginners, such as free months of storage or help with transporting items. You may also find a company that supplies you with packing materials to keep your items safe while they're in storage. It's important to factor these extras into your cost evaluations; while one company may offer a better base monthly rent, the discounts from another company may add up to eclipse the savings you'd find with the other company.

In short, there are many smart ways to take advantage of a storage unit while keeping your costs to a minimum. Besides doing your research to find a great value on self storage, you can use these tips to maximize your spending. To learn more, visit a website like