How To Get Your House Thoroughly Organized

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How To Get Your House Thoroughly Organized

5 April 2016
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Are you extremely tired of never being able to find things? Perhaps you've had it with trying to keep a nice house, only to have your kids leave their things anywhere they want to drop them. If you've decided to make some major changes by getting your house thoroughly organized, you probably have a big job ahead of you. From getting family support to arranging for storage, here are some ideas that might help you.

Enlist Family Members - It's time for a family meeting! Give everybody a cute invitation that says something like, You Are Invited For Treats And Planning. The treats part will get them right away. And they'll certainly wonder about the planning part. Once you've got everybody comfortable, explain that you are serious about getting your house in order and that you'll need everybody's help. Post a chart of everything that will need to be done and get family members to sign up for the different chores that are listed on the chart. Be sure, too, to give the family an exact date of when your project will occur and ask them to keep that day free. After the planning meeting, bring out the promised treats and promise more for when the house organization is complete. Bribery? Maybe, but it works!

The Big Day - Up and at 'em! Get going early so you'll finish early.

Have a central point where everybody can put items that are going to charity and another point where things will be placed so they can be traded with friends or sold at a future yard sale. Plan to take charity items the very day you do your organization project so family members won't reclaim them.

Give everybody sturdy plastic bags for trash. Ask everybody to take his or her own trash to a larger receptacle.

Make sure there are plenty of transparent storage containers for things like shoes, small toys and anything else that needs to be better organized. For example, buy attractive baskets and other pretty containers that will hold things on shelves that don't have doors on them. For example, a square basket that holds CDs looks a lot better than CDs that get knocked over or get out of place.

Rent A Storage Facility - You have probably come to the realization that one of the reasons your home didn't look organized was because your family simply has too much stuff. However, you aren't willing or ready to part with things because you still use it or you know you will use it some day. Renting a self storage unit is the answer. For example, perhaps you bought a small pergola at somebody's yard sale, knowing that some day you'll use it at your daughter's wedding reception. Store it! The same goes for off-season clothes, boxes of holiday decorations, camping equipment and sports equipment. The great thing about having a self storage unit is that you'll be able to get to it anytime you want to withdraw something. Also, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your things are safe, as good storage facilities have twenty-four hour monitoring and even climate-controlled rooms.

It's a good idea to make note of where you have put things that you don't often use, or you'll go crazy looking for them. For example, if you only seldom use your potter's wheel, write down that you put it in storage.

For more information and options, talk with a local storage facility, such as AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage.